The Book

Opportunities and choices: Understanding our economic decisions is a platform for general readers to seek an understanding how economies function without getting entangled in abstruse reasoning. This is achieved by using a spiral approach that first lays out the core relations in economics in its most elementary form and then gradually delve deeper into the working on the economy. Computer graphics provide visual support to the discussion. Read more.

"Economics is the study of people in the ordinary business of life."

Alfred Marshall, the English economist.

At home and at work we confront situations where we have no choice but to make decisions on the use of resources at our command. Early in life we decide the type of education we want to have. During our working years, we split our income between consumption expenditure and savings. Before investing our assets, we must decide how much risk we are willing to take. At elections, we vote for candidates based on our preference

From: Opportunities and choices: Understanding our economic decisions

Knowledge of microeconomics allows us to appreciate the opportunities we have and to critically examine our decisions. Using the visual imagery of computer graphics and using our daily experiences to explicate the concepts, Opportunities and choices: Understanding our economic decisions provides an introduction to microeconomics analysis for the general reader that avoids distracting technical details.

The graphics developed for a book are regrouped by topics and made into self-standing presentations. They are posted in the site as Power Point slides in PDF format.